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Investor Fee Calculator for Private Equity and Hedge Funds

Investor Balance Tracking and Performance Reporting for Hedge Fund and Private Equity Firms

Increasing complexity challenges firms that have elected to use a hybrid private equity/hedge fund investor entity structure. It combines the exacting timelines for investor reporting typical of hedge funds with the tailored structures that are also typical of private equity firms. When you add in the complexity of leverage for investors, hedge fund accounting teams are spending several painstaking days a month manually adjusting home-grown spreadsheets.

RyanEyes has created the Investor Fee Calculator to generate all of your investor accounting and performance reports. The custom, purpose-built technology is created specifically for Hedge Funds and Private Equity Organizations. It provides fund managers and administrators the capability to automate balance and performance tracking into a single-pane-of-glass solution.

It maintains reporting for GAV, NAV, High Water Mark, Cost Basis, & Credit Borrow Balances to track and report these critical metrics quickly and easily. Further, the RyanEyes technology calculates investor allocation percentages, P&L allocations, management fees, incentive fees, and more in order to provide a single seamless investor reporting solution.


Automate and Simplify Investor Fee Calculations

Investors are more educated and demanding than ever, forcing fund administrators to assemble, compile, and deliver complex reports at a moment’s notice. The RyanEyes Investor Fee Calculator provides fund administrators the ability to generate critical reports easily and instantly to meet investor demands. Further, the calculator can accommodate the change or expansion of investment strategy fund structures, investment scope, and new asset classes effortlessly.

RyanEyes maintains reporting for GAV, NAV, High Water Mark, Cost Basis, & Credit Borrow Balances to track and report these critical metrics quickly and easily.


Track Critical Investor Measurements

Investor mandates have become increasingly costly and time-consuming to meet, yet relationship management has never been more critical. Onboarding investors successfully requires investment, fee, and performance transparency through timely and straightforward reporting. The Investor Fee Calculator provides firms with the capability to handle the onboarding process simply, to maximize investor engagement.


Integrated, Intelligent Reporting Solution

The calculator is integrated with RyanEyes Collimate, our data warehouse solution, and RyanEyes, our workflow, and job tracking solution. In addition, our reporting capability has the ability to integrate with any internal data source or 3rd party data and solution provider. We directly integrate with and reconcile to Morgan Stanley Fund Services and other fund administrators. The benefit is that all of our client’s critical data is collected, managed, and analyzed in a single, comprehensive solution. The real value is significantly increased productivity, transparency, and performance over ad-hoc and home-grown solutions.


RyanEyes Investor Insight Reporting Key Features

  • Calculate Investor Capital Balances Gross and Net of Fees
  • Committed and Uncommitted Capital Tracked
  • Profit and Loss Allocations
    • Special Allocations including Broken Deal Expenses and Dividend Withholding
    • IPO Special Allocations including de minimus allocations
    • Foreign Withholding
    • Profit and Loss allocations considering borrow expenses
  • Track High Water Marks
    • Loss carry-forwards
    • Hurdle Rates
    • Progressive Schedules
  • Track Credit Borrow Balances at the Investor Lot Level
    • Leverage tracked at the investor lot level including fees
    • Investor Capital and Investor Leveraged Capital segregated for the purposes of management fee calculation
    • Amount of leverage available for sidepocket funding
  • Calculate Performance, ROR for Funds, IRR for Private Equity
    • Gross and Net Rate of Return (Time Weighted Return) for Funds
    • IRR for Private Equity (Sidepockets) with leveraged and unleveraged return
  • Calculate Management Fees with Borrow activity considered
  • Calculate Conventional Incentive Fees with Netting losses and gains across investor capital segments
  • Calculate Progressive Incentive Fees with Netting losses and gains across investor capital segments



Hedge Funds and Private Equity Firms have struggled for years usually leveraging home-grown solutions through spreadsheets to handle the dozens of calculations we listed above. Investor balance tracking and performance reporting need to calculate on an ongoing basis and must be visible and transparent for private equity and hedge funds to manage performance and investor reporting needs.


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