RyanEyes Software Solutions

RyanEyes is your second set of eyes

Optimize Operations

Track Workflow • Schedule Tasks • Create Checklists • Monitor Performance • Streamline Jobs

Control Projects and Processes

Integrate With Your Trading and Accounting Solutions • Analyze Operational Processes • Improve Throughout • Eliminate Errors

Manage Risks & Compliance

Monitor any Data Point • Monitor Alternative Data to Generate Alpha • Generate Compliance Reports

Drive Revenue Growth

Enrich Research Data • Monitor Positions and Pricing • Measure Trade Exposure • Improve Visibility & Tracking

RyanEyes provides software solutions to the asset management industry including hedge funds, private equity funds, and buy-side firms to provide transparency, automation, and actionable insights. RyanEyes Software ties to the core asset management software to deliver our clients a new level of information across the front, middle and back-office including in their research, trading, accounting, and compliance solutions.

Improve Risk Management

Integrates with your accounting system and trading system to give up-to-date risk exposure reporting. In addition, in order to provide a "single pane of glass" business intelligence (BI), Ryan Eyes integrates with R, Power (BI), SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and Hadoop allowing fund managers to evaluate risk and positions quickly and easily.

Improve Risk Management

Enhance Portfolio Management

Enhance Portfolio Management & Trading Insights

RyanEyes provides the crucial position, risk, and other data critical for every fund's operations and risk management. Our software captures, records, and applies activity to produce an accurate portfolio valuation instantly and accurately.

Monitor Activity & Transactions for Accounting

RyanEyes will generate an independent, auditable, and accessible book of records from the Geneva source data. The software delivers complete, accurate, and timely information and visualization to support accounting, trading, compliance, and overall fiduciary oversight as well as other critical investment management functions.

Integrate with Geneva and Industry Standards

Capture your Fund Admin's detailed reporting and store your balance sheet and income statement and any supporting reports. RyanEyes software integrates with your accounting system or your fund administrator solutions. Use your data to determine the best tax lot relief method for closing lots in your trading system

Process Emails with Attachments Automatically

Automatically process hundreds of emails automatically; saving the email attachments, reading the values embedded within any PDF's and then storing that information intelligently.

Schedule Tasks and Streamline Jobs

RyanEyes tracks any workflow that an Asset Manager performs. Schedule tasks and workflows that integrate with automated jobs and outside third parties. The solution monitors operation workflows and tasks across all systems of your firm including email, reconciliation, trading, and accounting systems. Whether monitoring emails, transmitting files to counterparties, or integrating with data providers including Bloomberg; RyanEyes employs a workflow to track them all.

We have taken that ability to the next level and now report and flag inefficient processes that cost you time and money. We will benchmark your processes and then continuously monitor them for improvement.

Schedule Tasks & Streamline Jobs

Manage Critical Tasks

Create Checklists to Manage Critical Tasks

RyanEyes not only monitors operations workflows and tasks across all systems of your firm including email, reconciliation, trading, and accounting systems but also generates checklists to manage critical "to-do" items and prioritize activities.

Meet Compliance Requirements

The RyanEyes compliance solution works with your accounting solutions including Geneva, your portfolio management systems, and other external data sources. The rules are customizable so that you monitor and collect relevant data. The reports for specific regulations are configurable in order to provide you the insight you need in a timely manner. Finally, Ryan Eyes is able to generate customizable dashboards to monitor your organization's compliance in real-time.

RyanEyes provides hedge fund managers with software and consulting that helps them meet the new requirements of regulators and investors and operations teams with the ability to streamline their operations

RyanEyes software and consulting solutions empower asset management organizations to operate the businesses more efficiently and effectively to free up resources that will allow them to fuel growth... now and in the future.

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