AWS Cloud Solution

RyanEyes offers comprehensive services and solutions created to monitor and support any Geneva environment

Our consultants have 15 years of expertise managing Geneva solutions in any environment and will support, customize, and manage the accounting solution to serve our client needs perfectly

When Geneva Fails, The Impact is Serious

Geneva is the Accounting System Financial Service Firms Rely on for Critical Accounting Tasks

Costly employee time wasted: thousands per month, tens of thousands per year

Time-consuming wait for report generation

Client commitments in danger of not being met

Risk of incorrect data

Lost accounting data

Inaccurate accounting data

Why Geneva is Mission Critical to Financial Service Firms

Geneva® software was originally developed over 25 years ago in a joint project with Duquesne Capital and Goldman Sachs. The accounting solution is installed in the vast majority of operations in our industry and has evolved considerably with eight major revisions.

Geneva’s footprint across prime brokers, fund administrators, asset managers and hedge funds is significant as it is installed in 8 out of 10 of the prime brokers and 17 out of the top 20 fund administrators. More than 250 firms worldwide use Geneva including hedge funds, fund administrators and prime brokers as well as asset managers, family offices, private equity firms and funds of funds.

The problem that financial service firms have endured for years with Geneva is when on-prem instances of Geneva go down even for minutes; mission critical accounting data is inaccessible, transactions fail, and data may be corrupted or lost. Most firms have an RPO of 30 minutes to restore Geneva, however with the RyanEyes/AWS cloud solution the complete restoration is next to near instantaneous.

How the RyanEyes/AWS Cloud Implementation Creates a Resilient, Robust Solution

The RyanEyes/AWS Cloud solution leverages RyanEyes software and AWS to solve the problem of Geneva on-prem failures instantly, and securely, while reducing the downtime and storage costs. The benefits include:

Instant restoration of critical accounting data

Lower storage costs

Seamless implementation of the most reliable cloud solution with RyanEyes consulting expertise

Confidence that trades will execute, and client SLA’s will be met

Increase storage and power to the solution instantly

Access to accounting data wherever and whenever needed

Leverage RyanEyes software console to manage AWS in the form of a workflow

RyanEyes Software, Geneva Expertise and AWS Proficiency Provides an “Out of the Box” Solution

The RyanEyes/AWS Cloud solution is a leading-edge SaaS solution that is customized to the needs of each client. Further, RyanEyes offers three tiers of monitoring services to tailor the solution to the requirements of your IT staff, accounting department, fund managers, and administrators.

Traditional Geneva services have failed firms due to service provider delays in restoring service quickly, generating critical reports in a timely manner and handling Geneva log file issues which often prevent the restoration of Geneva.

The benefit to our clients is a reliable, low-cost cloud instance of Geneva implemented with industry expertise across all components of the solution including Geneva, AWS, and RyanEyes software.

The real value is the confidence that their mission-critical Geneva accounting data will be accessible anytime, anywhere so that they meet their client’s internal SLAs with reliable data and perfect trade execution.

When to Transition to the RyanEyes/AWS Cloud Solution?

If your firm has suffered through any Geneva failures, whether it’s performance related or daily usage issues, the RyanEyes approach to Geneva running on AWS, either as a UAT, Dev or DR environment will provide a reliable, robust solution.

Why should you switch?

The burden and put on any IT team with on-prem Geneva can be quite stressful. The managing and maintenance of the solution; then being notified when your environment may not be running optimally is overwhelming. Many times, RyanEyes has visibility to the client issues prior to the client. If you’re an entity looking to simply and effectively manage your Geneva environment, RyanEyes can provide a tailored solution.