Geneva Database Reconversion Tool

Automate your Geneva Reconversion

RyanEyes’ Geneva Database Reconversion Tool Automates Manual, Time-Consuming Upgrades

Geneva® software was originally developed over 25 years ago in a joint project with Duquesne Capital and Goldman Sachs. The accounting solution is installed in the vast majority of operations in our industry and has evolved considerably with eight major revisions.

Geneva’s footprint across prime brokers, fund administrators, asset managers and hedge funds is significant as it is installed in 8 out of 10 of the prime brokers and 17 out of the top 20 fund administrators. More than 250 firms worldwide use Geneva including hedge funds, fund administrators and prime brokers as well as asset managers, family offices, private equity firms and funds of funds.

The RyanEyes’ consulting team has been helping our clients manage the numerous, complex revisions of Geneva in order to scale their business and lower their Geneva technology and support costs more effectively.

In fact, our consultants have developed the RyanEyes Database Reconversion Tool which automates the process of reconverting your Geneva Database. It does this by taking every process that is typically done manually during a Geneva implementation and simply automating them based on the Geneva Audit trail as it gets entered in your “old” Geneva.

In our experience with a large sample of clients we were able to reduce the number of hours invested in reconverting Geneva by 57%! That amounts to over 1,700 hours of business resource investment in Geneva saved!

RyanEyes’ Geneva Reconversion Tool Saves Our Clients an Average of 1,700 Hours per Implementation

Geneva Software Implementations and Upgrades are Complex, Slow and Costly

Geneva software implementations and upgrades are no different than the majority of enterprise software changes; they are fraught with complications, manual movement of data, system changes, and issues that require time-consuming tests and subsequent fixes. Ryan Eyes automates the process of implementing or upgrading the software and most importantly, reconverting your Geneva Database.

Genuine, Real-Life Case Studies

Converted a Quant fund with several portfolios and 100,000 + trades per day
Allowed 1 person to manage the real-time process of pushing activity from “Old” Geneva to “New” Geneva
Saved 10+ accountants 3 months by automating the process – the implementation was completed under budget with 3 people
Remodeled Equity Swaps and the Geneva Account structure across all portfolios quickly and seamlessly

Our Consulting Team Supports Clients Beyond Reconversions and Implementations by Managing Linux Implementations, Geneva® Add-ons, and the Customization of AGA

Automating the Geneva Upgrade Process

RyanEyes’ Geneva Sync allows organizations to upgrade or reconvert a Geneva database more quickly, with less dependency on manual resources. It also provides organizations the ability to run parallel periods with less effort. Reconciliations are scripted and outputs are exception-based, allowing confirmation that the target environment matches the source Geneva database.

The benefits of upgrading the software are numerous allowing users to take advantage of more functionality in more recent versions of Geneva including:

  • New functionality to track custom data in price-lists
  • Collateral tracking
  • Swap reset schedule enhancements
  • Bank debt in swap
  • Daily NAV closing
  • Cloud hosting of your Geneva Servers
  • Increased optimization on reporting performance speeds
  • Elimination of risk concerning the loss of legacy Geneva Data

However, Geneva, like many complex software solutions adds complexity, requires implementation customization expertise, and consistent maintenance. RyanEyes has provided Geneva® implementation and upgrade support for our clients for over 20 years and thus has allowed us to find unique, productive ways to automate changes in Geneva.

RyanEyes Handles Both Partial and Full Reconversions of Geneva Software

Partial Reconversion
  • One or several portfolios reinitialized in the “existing” Geneva software
  • The existing Geneva database is upgraded by our toolset
  • Only transactions are synced between the two portfolios
  • Security modeling remains the same – able to use the existing reference data feeds
  • Cash, financial account balances, and accounting details are recreated continuously during the reconversion parallel period
Full Reconversion
  • All portfolios, reference objects, security master, and other entries will be completely recreated in the “New” Geneva
  • Tax lot positions initialized in new Geneva as of the date of a year-end or month-end
  • Historical, old Geneva data is archived in a data repository
  • Security and portfolio configurations are completely reworked for optimal reporting

RyanEyes Geneva Consulting and Automated Tools

RyanEyes Geneva consulting solutions can handle upgrades for asset managers and hedge funds including integration, regression testing, data set up/conversion, reconciliation, testing, training, and project management. We also provide technical and operational support including server monitoring, backup/recovery, report generation, reconciliation, and escalation to prime brokers, and counterparties.

Features of Service

  • Remodels equity swaps and the Geneva account structure across all portfolios
  • Syncs cash, tax lots and financial account balances, and ongoing transactions
  • Reimplements Geneva fund structures for optimal use
  • Enables strategies within the account structure (or re-enable with different strategies)
  • Remodels equity swaps so that there is one identifier used across all counterparties instead of an equity swap security per counterparty
  • Reinitializes bank debt from bonds to credit facilities

Making Geneva Upgrades, Implementations and Reconversions Seamless

RyanEyes will provide a tailored consulting solution that optimizes Geneva to provide operational automation and process transparency through customizing Geneva’s SQL-based reporting querying the Advent Global Area (AGA) and BIS. Both single-query reports such as position, profit and loss and transactional reports and multiple-query reports such as ledger, complex price, and complex transaction reports.

The Ryan Eyes Value

The value RyanEyes delivers our clients lies beyond Geneva implementation with Linux support and training as well as assistance customizing your Geneva® server and the AGA. Our consulting team can help clients expand accounting, integration, and reporting functionality with Geneva add-on products such as Geneva® World Investor, Geneva® Workflow Manager, Geneva® Performance Measurement, and more.

RyanEyes provides a combination of industry software expertise, our own propriety software, and deep industry experience to provide automation and transparency to your operational processes.