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Choosing AWS or Azure for Your Hedge Fund or Private Equity Fund

In this blog post, we are going to address specifically how Geneva accounting software functions on the two leading cloud providers: AWS and Microsoft Azure. Frankly, in terms of implementation, functionality, and management, the differences between the platform are significant so we wanted to provide our findings so that you can choose the right platform […]

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Benefits of Separating your Accounting Calculation Engine from your Data Repository

What is an Accounting Repository? Traditional accounting packages include both the ability and function to calculate accounting results as well as the ability to store and report accounting results. For example, most accounting packages will calculate journal entries and update ledger accounts and then store the full history of those journal entries and ledgers in […]

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Simple Steps to Automating Fund Operations

Automating Investment Fund Operations to Overcome the New, Dramatic Challenges Facing Our Industry Hedge funds, private equity, and alternative investment funds are poised to undergo several dramatic changes over the coming months and years. A fund’s operations, including functions such as regulatory and compliance, fund accounting, audit oversight, investor reporting, and tax requirements, are changing […]

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