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Managing Workflow Across Fund Operations to Spur Productivity

Maximizing Workflow Efficiency for Fund Managers and Administrators

Operations and fund administration in financial services firms has never been more challenging. Handling the complex and mounting responsibility of managing workflow, jobs, tasks, and projects is critical to meeting investor, accounting, and compliance needs. RyanEyes’ software is specifically designed to empower operations with visibility, control, alerts, and checklists to manage jobs efficiently and effectively.

RyanEyes Integrates with Geneva Accounting Software and Trading Systems including Eze Castle, Moxy, and Liquidity Book

RyanEyes handles trading and accounting systems as well as reconciliation and e-mail. In addition, the software identifies inefficient processes and benchmarks them, allowing clients to set targets for improvement. The value to our clients is clean, transparent, efficient workflow processes that improve productivity, saving firms time and money.

Financial Process Management is a discipline described by Gartner as a management concept that describes the goal of increasing intra-enterprise coordination of separate business functions

RyanEyes Will Monitor and Provide Information to Optimize Workflow

  • Correlate all activity with KPI’s and benchmark to SLA’s
  • Reference data points updated in your accounting system
  • Report delays and benchmark efficiency
  • Monitor redundant activities
  • Observe security master updates
  • Monitor the journal entry audit trail
  • Examine transaction activity


20 Years of Geneva Integration and Customization Expertise

RyanEyes was created to integrate with all of our client’s internal accounting and reporting systems to maximize operational efficiency.

  • Report log files including report timing, who ran reports, and how often they successfully completed or were re-run
  • Manage Geneva audit trail including any changes to transactions, investments, prices, and other reference data objects. These can be correlated to any data point internal or externally.
  • Ability to watch any data point and trigger escalations to flag inefficient workflows
  • Monitor systemic activity in and around all your systems and tag each process with a monitor to determine whether it is manual or automated

Our clients suggest that our solutions provide a second set of eyes that automate, streamline, and develop processes that improve organizational performance and reduce operational costs

Figure – Assets Servicing Metrics are Tracked and Updated in a Graphical Format


Maximizing Operational Efficiency with Seamless Integration

RyanEyes creates a transparent, configurable, filtered operations workflow so users can manage critical tasks with proactivity and efficiency. Workflow efficiency is initially audited then actively monitored to flag inefficiencies for ongoing productivity improvements. In addition, users not only have the ability to monitor and process their own tasks but also share information with colleagues including:

  • Email monitoring and notification
  • Efficiency reports for a true view of response times to client requests
  • Notification’s via email or text, by status, and by period
  • Sharing of checklists with other organizations
  • Ability to notify users based on roles
  • Ability to monitor when tasks/jobs do not occur



Improving operational efficiency means reviewing audit trails, logs, and other activities and correlated the data to actual processes that an asset manager performs. As a single example, gathering information such as the number of days to close a fund correlates with the number of times a transaction is updated in the prior period is critical to improving productivity. In addition, how often and how much effort do processes take by inferring operational overhead from the audit trails of the accounting system and other systems provides insight concerning how to improve the process.

The bottom-line benefits of improving workflow include:

  • Identification of redundant processes will allow for a measurable impact to cost
  • Identification of processes that automation can fix or mitigate a problem
  • Greater precision and accuracy in reporting
  • Ability to identify individuals or groups that are struggling with processes
  • Cost Savings reduction in operating their accounting system with a measurable impact on the profits of the firm


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