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Daily Basket Import Process

In this video, we walk through the Daily Basket Import Process in RyanEyes software, which is typically complex as funds must retrieve dozens of basket files from multiple brokers. The workflows would normally take hours to configure within your average software system, but in RyanEyes, the entire configuration process takes only a few minutes. The Daily Basket Import process is a perfect example of a Reusable Workflow that can be automated to save your firm valuable time and money.

Connecting to an FTP Site Demo

In this video, we will demonstrate how to use RyanEyes to transfer files between your local directory and your FTP site. There are 3 jobs you can use to connect to your FTP site; (1) FTP Monitor Job (2) FTP Download Job & (3) FTP Transmit Job – we will show how to use the job to create a simple, seamless workflow.

Email Check Job Video

This video’s purpose is to display the functionality of the Email Check job within RyanEyes and the user’s local environment. We’ll display of communication-type jobs in RyanEyes Software and drill down into the configuration of an Email Check Job.

Monthly NAV Process Video

Fund administrators are tasked with dozens of responsibilities, however none more critical than calculating the firm’s NAV. In this video we demonstrate how to make certain this vital task is completed quickly and accurately in RyanEyes Software.

SQL Bulk Load & Procedure Jobs Video

In this video, we will demonstrate how to upload files to a SQL database and run procedures directly from RyanEyes software.

Case Studies and Industry Recognition

The role of fund administrators in hedge funds and private equity is pivotal, as they manage complex, high-volume financial transactions demanding precision and security. Among these tasks, managing cash wire transfers is critical. This process can be fraught with errors and inefficiencies when not handled carefully, underscoring its significance in financial operations.

Side pocket accounts have a long history in the hedge fund industry, yet the use of side pockets is expanding dramatically. Their accounting and valuation calculations are complicated and valuations often change significantly. Accounting and fund administrator’s must value the illiquid asset, track its value for the fund’s monthly NAV and manage loans against the asset often creating thousands of entries. In this case study, learn how RyanEyes streamlines and automates the process of Side Pocket accounting saving a leading Hedge Fund 52 hours per month in manual processing.

Learn how RyanEyes is revolutionizing asset management and hedge funds with its award-winning back and middle office solutions software. Specifically concerning the technologies’ unique approach to enhancing operational efficiency, transparency, and financial innovation, propelling firms towards unmatched success.




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