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RyanEyes Wins “With Intelligence’s” Financial Industry Leader for its Innovative Software Solution

Why RyanEyes Won the Prestigious New Product for Back and Middle Office Solutions

As we all know, in the competitive asset management and hedge funds industry, operational efficiency and transparency are not just buzzwords – they are critical imperatives. Our team at RyanEyes is working tirelessly to be a trailblazer in financial software solutions.

In an interview with HFM Week, now With Intelligence, Founder of RyanEyes, Ted Ryan explained the challenges of financial service automation:

HFMWeek (HFM): Automation has been highlighted as a solution for many hedge funds – why is this critical to success? Further, how can automation be successfully incorporated in a hedge fund, given the multitude of systems many firms will have running behind the scenes?

Ted Ryan: Automation is one of those tricky things. The predecessor to automation is actually having a system that can log and track all the items that actually happen within a firm. A very detailed audit trail is required before you can even begin to tackle automation. Most systems are pretty good at logging what they do, but they are not good at logging what they do with other systems. They are effectively blind to other systems.

Therefore, it is critical for automation that you have a system in place that can track the automation happening between various systems themselves and that is aware of which systems are actually engaging with that automation. There are quite a few step-by-step processes that are critical to the success of any automation effort, but systems have to be able to track each step.

Our effort has paid off by clinching With Intelligence’s prestigious award as a leader in innovative product development for Back and Middle Office solutions. This recognition echoes the financial industry’s goals of implementing cutting-edge tools in redefining roles at hedge funds and streamlining operations at hedge funds and other financial service firms.

Why RyanEyes? A Comprehensive View Across Office Functions

RyanEyes has changedthe complex ecosystem of fund operations with proprietary software solutions designed to unite the front, middle, and back office functionalities. Integration is the keyword here, offering unprecedented visibility into research, trading, accounting, and compliance elements – all through a single-pane-of-glass interface.

Back Office Transformation

Employee roles at the back office are transformed with RyanEyes by streamlining settlement processes, enhancing financial recording, budgeting, and reporting. Beyond facilitating operational maneuvers, the software ensures adherence to regulatory standards and furnishes vital tools to identify and mitigate financial and operational risks. It’s a modern approach to maintaining precise transaction and client information records.

Elevating Middle Office Capabilities

For careers at hedge funds dedicated to the middle office, RyanEyes presents important benefits. The employment of advanced risk analytics, stress tests, value-at-risk calculations, and the verification of trade execution accuracy has vaulted beyond expectations. Generating in-depth investment reports and utilizing potent data management analytics are just a few of the offerings that have strengthened client relationships and informed decision-making for hedge fund benchmarks.

Transparency and efficiency in asset management are not just regulatory requirements but also key to the trust linking funds and their clients. Here’s where RyanEyes’ innovative software will make an impact in your organization:

  • Integration with Core Functions: By tying together front, middle, and back-office operations, RyanEyes ensures its clients experience seamless interdepartmental synergy—critical for cohesive asset management.
  • Automation and Productivity: By automating traditionally manual tasks—from data verification to compliance obligation checks—RyanEyes empowers fund workers to redirect their focus from repetitive tasks to strategic analysis and decision-making.
  • Risk Management: Advanced risk analysis tools help firms conduct stress tests and value-at-risk calculations, ensuring a robust shield against financial uncertainties.
  • Data Management & Reporting: With capabilities like advanced analytics and detailed investment reports, the solution turns raw data into actionable insights, thereby nurturing the strategic client relationships essential for business growth.

Why RyanEyes? A Comprehensive Across Functional Roles

For Financial Technology Professionals:

In the orbit of hedge fund careers, innovation is the star that everyone is drawn to. RyanEyes ensures that its team operates on the cutting edge of technology, integrating complex data analysis with user-friendly interfaces. It’s a space where hedge fund jobs leap from the functional to the strategic, guiding professionals toward fulfilling career arcs.

For Asset Management Firms:

Roles at hedge funds are evolving. With RyanEyes, the mundane becomes automated, and the focus shifts to creating a more robust and insightful investment strategy. Firms implementing RyanEyes can expect a streamlined workflow, allowing for an enriched client service experience and fortified fund performance.

For Hedge Fund Managers:

The benchmarks for hedge funds are perpetually climbing. RyanEyes equips managers with a comprehensive view of their operations, arming them with the data and reports needed to make informed decisions that surpass these benchmarks for success.

Leveraging Technology for Enhanced Operations

If you’re intrigued by the promise of transforming your fund’s productivity, risk management, and compliance strategies, consider RyanEyes as your ally. The forward-thinking craftsman of technological evolution, helping funds shine brighter in the constellation of financial entities.

Let’s go back to HFM’s interview:

HFMWeek (HFM): Any final bits of advice around automation and increasing productivity?

Ted Ryan: There’s still a lot of misconceptions out there with people often just looking for a ‘push button’ solution. This is not something that happens by accident, and automation should be regarded as a continuous process improvement rather than a one-time event. It is all about incremental improvements over the years. The biggest challenge is when firms start out, they do not have automation as a priority. This means they embed themselves in processes that are difficult to automate when scalability and volume really become an issue.

RyanEyes – The Unseen Force Driving Financial Industry Innovation

The financial world is perpetually in motion, chasing efficiency and innovation. The rigorous efforts of experts striving to streamline complex processes and compliances have led to groundbreaking advancements in FinTech. Amidst this competitive race, one name stands out as a participant and a pacesetter: RyanEyes Software and Solutions.

The Crucial Benefit to Financial Professionals

The value proposition of RyanEyes to financial technology professionals and asset management firms goes beyond integrations and automation. The platform epitomizes the confluence of productivity, intelligent insights, and compliance sanctity. Every functionality synergizes to cultivate an ecosystem where risk management, compliance, and trading requirements are met with finesse – ensuring that investment firms meet and exceed investor expectations.

Visit to witness how this tool can become the crux of your thriving fund’s operations.

RyanEyes isn’t just a software solution; it’s the guardian of progress and the bridge to unparalleled success for financial industry leaders who dare to look beyond the horizon.

For more information about RyanEyes and how it can boost your fund’s strategic potential, contact Edward (Ted) Ryan at or call directly at 914-980-7477. Explore a partnership that transcends traditional capabilities and plants you firmly at the forefront of financial technology evolution.

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