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How RyanEyes Empowers Our Asset Manager Clients

RyanEyes is Our Clients’ Second Set of Eyes

RyanEyes was created to solve some of the most difficult problems in the financial services industry for our clients which include asset managers, private equity firms, hedge funds, and sell-side firms. For over 20 years, the RyanEyes team has worked side-by-side with our clients to provide them greater visibility into their operational processes by leveraging our financial processing software to automate jobs as well as consulting to tailor the solutions to our client’s specific operational processes.

Because of our experience, the overarching goal at RyanEyes has been to leverage our team’s deep industry expertise and our proprietary software to develop transparent, optimized, proactive operational processes by integrating our solution onto the industry’s default software. The benefit for our clients is the effective management of accounting jobs, compliance requirements, and risk management goals. The real value is increased production, streamlined processes, reduced risk, and improved organizational performance.

Financial Process Management is a discipline described by Gartner as a management concept that describes the goal of increasing intra-enterprise coordination of separate business functions.
RyanEyes focuses on the benefits of Transparency, Data Integrity & Security, Efficiency, Automation, and Scalability for our Clients.

The bottom line is that RyanEyes provides financial process management solutions to our clients through our proprietary software which collects, analyzes, enriches, and enables users to use intelligent data to automate tasks, create checklists, manage alerts and streamline overall operations.

So how did we get here and why should you trust RyanEyes as your financial process management partner?


The Journey from Geneva Software Consulting to RyanEyes

Our expertise in Geneva in combination with our experience in the financial services industry provides unique insight into the critical aspects of operations at the leading asset management organizations we serve. Our team’s understanding of the manual processes that reduce productivity, generate errors, and inflate costs allows our employees the knowledge to develop automated solutions. The RyanEyes software solution adds a layer of valuable functionality to our client’s software so that they can create transparency, proactivity, and intelligence to their operation’s capability.

From a broad perspective, our software provides visibility across business processes and operations by connecting and communicating our client’s front, middle, and back-office data solutions. Our proprietary platform will collect, normalize, aggregate, and enhance your data by providing context and insights.

Our clients suggest that our solutions provide a second set of eyes that automate, streamline, and develop processes that improve organizational performance and reduce operational costs.

The fact is our clients are faced with issues that span operations, accounting, compliance, and risk management. Our experience is that each one of the firms in our industry operates within its own silo and there is no high-level visibility or automation, thus our clients have been forced to manually handle a multitude of workflows and processes including compliance and operational tasks, trade execution, and pricing, and risk management.


The 5 Benefits RyanEyes Delivers for Asset Managers and Fund Administrators

Benefit 1 – RyanEyes Delivers Organizational Efficiency for Improved Fund Performance

RyanEyes provides transparency, automation, and tracks critical business processes across the operation to facilitate more effective accounting, compliance, and risk management solutions. The software integrates with core industry applications, 3rd party solutions, and business intelligence (BI) solutions to convert complex data into understandable, graphical insights. Further, RyanEyes leverages Business Process Management (BPM) methodology to focus on improving corporate performance by managing and optimizing a company’s business processes.

In addition, to provide a single pane of glass business intelligence (BI) RyanEyes integrates with R, Power BI, SQL Server, and Hadoop allowing fund managers to evaluate their operations across a variety of areas quickly and effectively.

RyanEyes is a leading-edge alternative for managing business operations purpose-built to eliminate spreadsheets, e-mails, and post-its with critical trade, accounting, compliance, or workflow task information or checklists.


Benefit 2 – Map Workflow and Processes to Automate or Eliminate Steps

Operational efficiency is among the top goals of our clients. Profitability is dependent on continuous process improvement; thus, increasing margins by eliminating unnecessary costs is critical. In this section, we will provide an illustration of how we leverage automation and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to make practical, productive changes to our client’s processes.

As an example, Geneva is the standard accounting software in our industry; our clients use the software for a variety of purposes including adding and changing records in the AGA including time, details of changes, user ID, and more. RyanEyes has the ability to compile the data entered into Geneva to generate reports and monitor data that is entered into Geneva. Thus, the countless manual hours of sorting through Geneva to manage portfolios, track entries, and organize transactions can be handled by RyanEyes software.

The journal entries and transaction activity are instantly available in a single pane of glass eliminating the manual, painstaking tasks of pulling together the data in homegrown spreadsheets. RyanEyes employs RPA to capture and interpret data to carry out repetitive tasks while providing increased transparency to the organization.


Benefit 3 – Manage Operational Risk Effectively and Efficiently

RyanEyes provides a crucial position, risk, and other data critical for every fund’s operations and risk management. Our software captures, records, and applies activity to produce an accurate portfolio valuation instantly and accurately. As we suggested previously, RyanEyes integrates with R, Power BI, SQL Server, and Hadoop to aggregate and analyze critical data concerning a fund’s positions to provide a comprehensive snapshot to assess risk and expected outcomes.

RyanEyes empowers fund administrators to seamlessly handle reconciliations, valuations, NAV calculations, investor redemptions, and allocations. Many of our clients struggle with the number and diversity of tasks, however, RyanEyes allows them to monitor escalation paths to monitor jobs for e-mail correspondence, action taken, failures, and elements of projects that are notoriously overlooked.


Benefit 4 – Automate the Management of Compliance Reporting

Managing compliance is increasingly becoming a critical responsibility for our asset manager and fund administrator clients. The RyanEyes cloud-based software integrates with Eze Castle, Moxy, and others to monitor trading systems including the tracking of hard and soft limits. Capabilities of the software including monitoring e-mail, notifications by text by role within an organization, and auditing of reports for overall compliance adherence.

Index, country, and portfolio concentration limits are monitored by RyanEyes with the ability to provide e-mail, text, and visual alerts to responsible parties in the organization. Finally, painstaking, manual side-letter monitoring, and tracking are eliminated with RyanEyes Side Letter Monitoring as a Service; or clients can handle side letters internally with the ability to have visibility to conflicts to investor requirements, exposure, and investor limits and notifications when side letter obligations do not occur.


Benefit 5 – Operation’s Checklists to Transition the Proactive to Reactive

RyanEyes Checklist is an industry-leading, enterprise automation solution from Ryan. Whether communicating with your custodian, fund administrator, or internal users, you can track and manage regular or ad hoc tasks within the software. For example, compliance alerts and response rates can be set up within the software; they can be tracked and shared automatically through the checklist feature. In addition, an audit trail is developed within the feature documents the steps that have been taken to maintain compliance.

As we know, many trading systems cannot handle compliance checks, and escalating compliance issues or creating audit trails has largely been a cumbersome, proactive process. RyanEyes allows organizations to set up compliance triggers within the software to automate the collection and management of compliance data.

Operation Team Checklists

  • Profit and Loss by Email (EOD)
  • Month End Pricing Process
  • File Transmission
  • Automated Email Confirmation Check
  • Credit Facility Closing Process

Accounting Team Checklists

  • Month End NAV Process
  • Margin Investor Relations Requests
  • Tracking Daily Success in Delivering Reports vs SLA Requirements
  • Month-end Capital Statements with Shared Workflow Monitoring



We wanted to introduce the benefits of our solution in this blog post to provide some insight into how our team has invested in our clients to understand their business and create solutions that improve their bottom line. Automating operations, managing risk, improving compliance, and empowering our clients with checklists through real leading-edge business process management is our focus.

Going forward, this blog will be focused on providing solutions to asset managers and fund administrators whether they are delivered by RyanEyes or not. We wanted to take this opportunity to discuss 5 benefits that our clients tell us add value to their business through our partnership. We are certainly proud to have made a difference; we look forward to continuing to improve to add value where and when we can for you and your organization.

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