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RyanEyes Geneva Monitoring Solutions

RyanEyes offers comprehensive services and solutions created to monitor and support any Geneva environment. Our consultants have 15 years of expertise managing Geneva solutions in any environment and will support, customize, and manage the accounting solution to serve our client needs perfectly.

Our Geneva solutions include (1) Geneva Database Reconversion, (2) Geneva AWS Cloud Solution, and (3) Geneva Monitoring Solution. RyanEyes has supported our clients with implementing, managing, and streamlining Geneva in their unique environments for nearly two decades. The benefit of our Geneva Monitoring Solution is that we empower our clients with mission-critical support in the event of a Geneva failure. In addition, the solution includes handling backup and recovery, system errors, patching, inaccurate data, and many other issues that Geneva users experience. The real value is the time and cost savings that clients experience with a partner that supports their Geneva environment with a custom, robust set of services.

RyanEyes Geneva Monitoring Solutions have 3 levels of support based on our clients’ needs. Our Essential support level provides robust services to make certain our clients have Geneva availability 24×7. Our one-hour response SLA guarantees we’ll provide assistance to minimize downtime and repair any Geneva issues. Our Enhanced support level provides advanced scans, error checking, and other proactive services to maximize Geneva uptime and performance. Our Comprehensive support level provides reporting support, SOAP interface assistance, and any Geneva data discrepancy issues.

Our consultants will work with you, your accounting team, and fund administrators to provide the appropriate level of support so that your Geneva environment is available, and the performance of the software is maximized to support your accounting needs.


Geneva is the Accounting System Financial Service Firms Rely on for Critical Accounting Tasks

When Geneva Fails, The Impact is Serious

  • Tens of thousands of dollars of employee time wasted
  • Client commitments in danger of not being met
  • Time-consuming waits for report generation
  • Risk of incorrect data
  • Inaccurate accounting data

The Value of the RyanEyes Geneva Solutions

  • 24×7 support and an SLA of 1 hour response time during business hours
  • Downtime eliminated by empowering your staff with Geneva resiliency capabilities
  • Integrated, intelligent software manages data checks handing the inevitable corrupt data issues in Geneva with consultants to handle the almost daily cleaning and reimporting of data
  • Reporting solutions that streamline Geneva reporting to deliver critical data quickly and easily

Common Geneva Reporting & Downtime Solutions


Traditional ServiceRyanEyes SolutionTime Savings
Geneva Server Goes Down
Call or email support and wait for your service provider to fixEmpower Business User with access to the RyanEyes application – click a button to restore service4 hours
Geneva report needs to be deployed
Wait for your service provider to contact you and schedule a time to deploy over the next weekRyanEyes button enabled to deploy the report at the time and convenience of the business user without contacting support2 days
Geneva log files are causing the service manager to remain down
Call your services provider and wait for a response, which traditionally takes hoursClick the button in RyanEyes to archive and remove log files and then restart the service manager in Geneva3 hours


RyanEyes Essential Geneva Monitoring Service Features

RyanEyes Essential Geneva Solution features include the following services:

  • Backup and recovery of Geneva in conjunction with disaster recovery site
  • Backup configuration and testing
  • Correction of system errors
  • Diagnosis and correction of system network problems
  • Escalation to client on system level problems
  • AWS hosting issues – is the virtual server robust enough to support Geneva
  • Azure hosting issues – are the inevitable Azure issues solved
  • Escalation to AWS for instance failures
  • File system/disk space log monitoring
  • Implementation of server configuration changes.
  • Maintenance and monitoring; production of trend analysis reports for system resources utilization (disk, memory, CPU, etc.).
  • Monitoring installed patches to detect outdated security or recommended patches
  • Monitoring system and application logs for errors and anomalies
  • Oversight and/or Installation of replacement hardware
  • System network availability monitoring
  • Applying Geneva patches to stay in sync with production
  • Assisting with restoring Geneva from back-up
  • Monitoring of Geneva log files
  • Monitoring of the Geneva AGA and services manager
  • Monitoring of Geneva DBA servers

RyanEyes Enhanced Geneva Service Features

RyanEyes Enhanced Geneva Service Features include all the of the Standard Maintenance Service Features as well as the following services:

  • Includes all the Standard Service Features and
  • Interfacing issues with SS&C and managing cases with SS&C
  • Enhanced scans of the servers and
  • Addendum error checking
  • Errors with the history file
  • SAGA performance Issues
  • Linux and Window and other OS Issues


RyanEyes Comprehensive Geneva Service Features

Comprehensive Maintenance Service Features include all the of the Enhanced Maintenance Service Features as well as the following services:

  • Maintenance or enhancements of Geneva RSL reports
  • Out of Balance Errors checking
  • Accounting Issues including discrepancies between reports
  • Issues with transactions causing system problems
  • Core file debugging
  • Workflow Manager or World Investor Issues
  • Geneva interface issues
  • Geneva Query issues
  • SOAP interface issues (Simple Object Access Protocol)
  • Development and Geneva Soap or interface troubleshooting