RyanEyes has been Chosen as With Intelligence’s Financial Industry Leader for its Innovative Software Solution

New York, NY ‒ March 5th, 2024 ‒ RyanEyes Software and Solutions earned the top spot in the premier New Product Solutions for Back and Middle Office category! The most recognized awards in the financial industry recognize and reward fund service providers who have demonstrated exceptional client service, innovative product development, and strong and sustainable business growth.

With Intelligence’s rigorous judging process, is based on the views of a panel of leading industry experts, ensuring that the Awards recognize those driving up service standards across the financial services sector. For the 3rd year in a row, the committee recognized that RyanEyes is a leader and trailblazer in the financial technology solution industry across the back and middle office functions. The selection committee specifically chose RyanEyes for the award for the solution’s ability to empower complex hedge funds, asset managers, and private equity firms with cutting-edge, proprietary technology. Further, they suggested that the solution is a game-changer for fund managers and administrators, offering an automated, comprehensive approach to tracking balances and performance through a unified, single-pane-of-glass interface.

RyanEyes Software is tied to the core asset management software to deliver clients a new level of information across the front, middle, and back office, including in their research, trading, accounting, and compliance solutions.

The functions of our new back and middle software solution include:

Back Office Functions: 

  • Streamline settlement processes, ensuring accurate transfer of securities and cash.
  • Manage financial records, budgeting, and reporting effectively.
  • Ensure regulatory compliance with financial standards.
  • Identify and mitigate financial and operational risks.
  • Maintain precise transaction and client information records.

Middle Office Functions:

  • Conduct advanced risk analysis, stress tests, and value-at-risk calculations.
  • Verify trade execution accuracy and reconcile trade data.
  • Analyze investment performance and attribute results to specific decisions.
  • Provide clients with detailed investment reports and nurture client relationships.
  • Utilize data management and analytics to inform decision-making.
  • Provide Maker / Checker Workflow with multiple layers of approval for critical sign-offs.

To learn more about how RyanEyes positively impacts the financial services industry with new and innovative solutions, visit www.ryaneyes.com.

About RyanEyes, Inc. 

RyanEyes software and consulting services are geared to automate manual processes like searching through emails, trade information, and portfolio holdings to verify compliance obligations. RyanEyes can create checklists and schedule tasks within workflows that our asset manager customer performs. The software integrates with big data and business intelligence (BI) solutions to convert complex data into understandable, interactive graphical insights. RyanEyes integrates with our customer’s accounting systems to provide up-to-date risk and exposure reporting.

The advantage to our clients is that we remove the painstaking, time-consuming tasks of collecting data across disparate systems, assessing and verifying the information, compiling reports, and setting up checklists and alerts. Our solutions empower them to eliminate errors and delays, thus reducing costs and increasing staff productivity and engagement.

The real value is that Ryan Eyes provides the comprehensive visibility and automation that asset management and investment firms need to meet complex compliance, accounting, risk management, and trading requirements to perform brilliantly for their investors.

Edward (Ted) Ryan, 914-980-7477