Technology Solutions for Asset Managers

Ryan Eyes is a second set of eyes for your financial services organization

RyanEyes is Soc 2 Type 2 Certified

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HFM Service Awards Finalist for Best Managed IT Service Provider & Best Technology Firm – Newcomer!

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Our solutions provide visibility and automation across business processes and operations by connecting and communicating with your front, middle, and back-office data solutions.


Customer Focus

Customized and purpose-built software and consulting solutions across front, middle, and back-office functions



20 years of asset management expertise including Geneva, Eze Castle, and streamlining operations and managing compliance



Transparency and efficiency by empowering the industry-standard solutions with functionality, intelligence, and modernizing processes

Analyze Workflows

Track the steps in the firm’s workflow to streamline, optimize and automate processes

Boost Efficiency

We bolster your current software with functionality that delivers transparency and tools that allow you to automate time-consuming, manual tasks

Reduce Costs

Effective streamlining and management of accounting jobs, compliance requirements, and risk management goals

Increase Revenue

Increased productivity, reduced risk, and improved organizational performance through transparency and accountability


Ryan Eyes provides custom software solutions and consulting for the financial services organizations in the investment and asset management industries


Our Clients

Pete Seuffert, COO
Sustainable Growth Advisers
“ We chose Ryan Eyes because it monitors complex portfolio compliance rules in real time and captures the staff responses with a sophisticated workflow management tool. Truly comprehensive in scope, Ryan Eyes gives our operations, accounting and compliance teams full transparency into our daily, weekly and monthly processes and compliance rules."
Jody Flaws, CFO & COO
Axonic Capital
“ We have been using Ryan Eyes for the last 5 years and it has become an essential part of our workflow. With hundreds of jobs and tasks embedded in our workflow, it seamlessly, integrates automated and manual tasks and provides internal reporting that is core to our firm."


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