RyanEyes Consulting

RyanEyes provides a combination of industry software expertise, our own propriety software, and deep industry experience to provide automation and transparency to your operational processes

Ryan Eyes Consulting Enhances Transparency and Improves Automation

RyanEyes produces and implements innovative software solutions for the asset management industry including hedge funds, private equity funds, and buy-side firms. RyanEyes provides transparency, automation, and actionable insights across business processes to increase productivity and drive revenue. Our software solutions add critical functionality and bolster the capabilities of the industry-standard software that is leveraged by most of our clients.

Our solution enhances our client's core asset management software to deliver an enhanced level of information across the front, middle, and back-office including in their research, trading, accounting, and compliance solutions. RyanEyes consultants install, integrate, customize, and monitor our software to meet the unique and often extraordinary needs of our clients.

We Streamline & Optimize Your Workflows

RyanEyes Software is based on a proprietary platform that can normalize, aggregate, and enrich your data across the enterprise. Our consultants replace painstaking, manual tasks leveraging our software's intelligent automation throughout the operations of the firm. We have worked in the industry for over 20 years and are both business and technical consultants handling cloud migration and configuration, big data, app creation, compliance, side letter tracking, and much more.

Software Implementation

- Data Integration

- Cloud or In-house Managed Service

- AWS, Azure, and Softlayer Configuration


- 12d1 rules, 13F, 13G, Form PF

- Country Filing Compliance

- Side Letter tracking

- Concentration Checks

Asset Management

- Workflow Analysis for Broker Commission tracking

- Attribution of Fund Expenses to Strategies

- FX Hedging and Exposure

- Tax-Advantaged Trading

Technical Expertise

- Data Center Migration

- Cloud Migration

- iOS and Android App Development

- Big Data Implementation

The RyanEyes Consulting Legacy
Innovative Solutions through Asset Management Expertise

RyanEyes consultants have earned their reputation by delivering accounting system implementations and upgrades as well as workflow evaluations and reorganizations to clients on the leading edge of our industry. The firm was founded on recruiting and grooming consultants who could combine technology, accounting, and elite relationship skills to deliver automated conversion tools and proven methods that improve the likelihood of successful outcomes to our client's technology projects.

Solution Implementation

- Data Integration

- Solution Testing and Verification

- Comprehensive Training

Managed Service

- Cloud in-House Support

- Integrations with 3rd Party Solutions

- Big Data Management

Premier Support

- Industry Expertise

- Immediate Technical Assistance

- Real-Time Monitoring

Our consultants know the financial services industry, understand how to create transparency and automation, and care that they empower you with solutions that drive revenue and eliminate costs so that you can take care of your clients.

RyanEyes Consultants Enhance Your Processes, So You Can Optimize Profits