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Custom software solutions and consulting for the financial services and asset management industries

Providing visibility across business processes and operations by connecting and communicating with your front, middle, and back-office data solutions.

Our proprietary platform will collect, normalize, aggregate, and enhance your data by to provide insight, efficiency, and automation

Automate, Streamline, Process

Our customers have suggested that our solutions provide a second set of eyes that improve organizational performance and reduce operational costs.

RyanEyes will enable your current accounting system to schedule and monitor jobs, emails, and FTP servers to look for files that are needed for reconciliations, reporting, and compliance. 

Automate Manual Workflows and Tasks

RyanEyes allows a firm to take stock of its operational efficiency in terms of which jobs complete and which workflows need improvement. RyanEyes has the intelligence and functionality to provide visibility to projects and jobs so that when critical data arrives our customers are notified and can complete the task quickly.

Our RyanEyes proprietary platform enables:

Operation Supervisors who need visibility, automation, and alerts across workflows and jobs

Chief Operating Officers who need to uncover and eliminate bottlenecks to increase productivity and reduce costs

Chief Financial Officers of ETF’s who want to ensure that information such as IIV’s and NAV’s are reported accurately

Chief Compliance Officers of financial service firms who need to have visibility to track SSAE 16 throughout the year

Why RyanEyes

Our software and consulting services are geared to automate manual processes like searching through emails, trade information, and portfolio holdings to verify compliance obligations. RyanEyes has the capability to create checklists and schedules tasks within workflows that our asset manager customer performs.

Our software integrates with big data and business intelligence (BI) solutions to convert complex data into understandable, interactive graphical insights.

RyanEyes integrates with our customer’s accounting systems to provide up-to-date risk and exposure reporting.


RyanEyes Advantage

The advantage to our clients is that by removing painstaking, time-consuming tasks of collecting data across disparate systems, assessing and verifying the information, compiling reports, and setting up checklists and alerts. They are empowered by our solutions to eliminate errors and delays, thus reducing costs and increasing staff productivity and engagement.

The real value is that RyanEyes provides the comprehensive visibility and automation that asset management and investment firms need to meet complex compliance, accounting, risk management, and trading requirements so that they can perform brilliantly for their investors.

The Team

Edward Ryan
Managing Member

Associates & Staff

William Ente
Database Architect

Ken Hollan
Software Architect

Chris Bambrick
Head of Consulting

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