Knowledge Base

RyanEyes has an extensive library of articles on products, issues and ideas relevant to the investment management and fund administration businesses. Click the Knowledge Base button below to access the list of articles. This is a user community, so you are encouraged to submit articles that you’ve written or read that may be of interest to other users of the system.

Knowledge Base



Want to create a job, a checklist, a dashboard or a task? Click the Tutorials button below. There are brief, descriptive tutorials for every activity in RyanEyes, and each one is accompanied by screenshots to make it easy for you to replicate the activity. You can learn how to do something as simple as resetting your password or as complex as creating a jobchain that will be monitored by a checklist and a dashboard.



Updates / Releases

RyanEyes is frequently updated with new functionality and improvements to existing features. Click the Updates button below to see a complete history of all releases with a detailed explanation of the changes to the system in each deployment. Use this to learn what new activities you can try out and what issues have been resolved.